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A freelancer’s

While there are definitely advantages of being ones own boss, managing every component of a project, communication with clients and keeping track of invoices can be burdensome. On behalf of a client, we set out to create a one-stop project management platform for freelancers.

Built for iOS, the application enables freelancers to through a messaging interface, both send text, documents, project descriptions and invoices and keep track of it all. While the platform has since been put on hold, the client was thoroughly satisfied with the production.

in Melbourne

Building on several years of experience within the field of event productions, I wanted to investigate how as well as why event producers become and stay motivated. First of all, event and festival productions often involve large, circumstantial and largely unknown risks. At the same time, the rewards are seldom large—especially in financial terms. Yet, new events and festivals are being started just as often as others go bankrupt.

While minor in its scope, I did find that actors within the field of event production that I interviewed had a large capacity both for grit as well as intrinsic motivation for the work that they do. A strong intrinsic motivation mitigates the effects of stressors and the findings of this thesis support the importance of an intrinsic locus of control for the sustenance of motivation. Primarily, writing the thesis provided a good insight into how the concept of motivation is, and has been considered within psychology.

PDFMotivation in Melbourne

Elevating the
Vega archipelago

On the behalf of the Vegaøyan Verdensarv Foundation, we set out to create a digital educational storytelling concept with a primary target group of less than 200 youths living in the Vega archipelago in Northern Norway. The archipelago has a long and unique history and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The secondary target group aimed at the tourists visiting the archipelago.

The archipelago has seen a steady decline in habitants and in the primary industry, and given the unique nature of the site, the client was looking for a concept that could influence the youths view on the site’s history and creating an understanding that the archipelago is worth fighting for.

Our solution to this problem was a physical scavenger hunt game for the iOS smart phone platform that teaches the adolescents about the cultural heritage of the archipelago through an immersive narrative mobile gaming experience. We named the adventure Oppdrag Vega, or The Vega Mission.

PDFThe Behavioural Platform

Premium duvets
in a premium location

As part of a live university project, and thus as part in a cohort, we set out to create an international marketing event for the premium duvet manufacturer Norvegr. The event was to highlight the truly premium quality of the duvets and do so in a setting worthy of the occasion.

The event was, with a great amount of success, held at the Norwegian Embassy in London, UK. My role was as a production manager through the execution and as part of the project management team.

Paving the way
for a secure ride

With a world full of devices, all with plenty of easily accessible sensors, there is no point in leaving assessable risks out in the open. Through what started out as a client project we set out to create a simple but powerful way of making different actors become aware of the risk they stand to each other. The application is a little like being able to see around the corner.

The application leverages the bluetooth 4.0 technology present in every iPhone released since 2013 to both broadcast and discover other relevant devices nearby. The individual phones broadcast their course, speed, type and unique identifier and, through a various set of algorithms, calculates the risk of impact between them.